About us

CampaignFuel is a full service creative agency focused solely on servicing the needs of political candidates and sitting politicians. Our experience in both marketing/design and working directly on campaign teams (even in non-marketing roles) makes us the perfect fit to take your campaign to the next level.

A mix of traditional and modern digital marketing techniques ensures that you are able to reach and identify your supporters quickly and cost effectively.

Whether you are running in a Federal, Provincial or Municipal Election CampaignFuel can meet your needs. We are very skilled at working with tight budgets – but really shine when we are really able to push the limits of what is possible.

Your victory is our victory and we take great pride in being an important part of a successful campaign.

Why choose us for your campaign


Advanced Knowledge of Both Traditional & Modern Digital Marketing Techniques

The team at CampaignFuel has spent many years in the marketing industry. We are very experience in print marketing as well as experts in advanced digital marketing techniques utilizing Facebook™ and Google™. Our Digital marketing programs can reach potential supporters that traditional media are unable to find.

Our Toolbox is Full of Shiny New Tools.

Every campaign still needs to use many of the techniques used for the past fifty plus years. However, if you want to ensure that you are pushing your exact message to the correct demographic you need to use modern digital marketing tools. The power of Facebook allows you to tailor messages that are going to resonate with a specific demographic.

Advanced retargeting programs also make it easy to reach back out to those supporters who have interacted with you during your campaign. When you need to activate your vote CampaignFuel is able to call upon your tribe to push you to victory.

Our Deep Support Network

Due to our years of marketing experience we have build up a strong network of suppliers that can help with many facets of your campaign. Our connections to newspaper and radio advertising can make buying media from these outlets easy.

We can also ensure preferred pricing on printing of literature, promotional material, lawn signs and almost any other marketing price that you may require.

Our Leadership Team


+1 905.435.8902

Mark Weir

President and Creative Director

About Mark

Mark brings over 20-years of digital, print and social media marketing experience to CampaignFuel.

Just like no two campaigns are alike, neither are the client strategies developed at CampaignFuel. Customizing nomination and pre/post election strategies to match the candidate's needs with the uniqueness of a riding is a major strength of Mark's. Keeping current with a variety of marketing platforms such as Facebook™ ads and Google Ads™ allows him to create original and creative marketing campaigns to suit any candidates needs.


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Andy McNamara

Director of Sales and Client Relations

About Andy

Andrew is a seasoned sales and marketing professional growing business relationships at the local, regional and national levels for over 14-years. Andrew is involved in the community having been president and a director on different political and educational associations. He's helped organize campaign/nomination strategies as well as social media, online and traditional marketing tools for clients to provide creative and original content.

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Commonly asked questions

Can't we just do this all ourselves and save money?

You could choose to do this all yourself but you do get what you pay for.

Professionally designed materials and properly targeted digital ads ensure that your message reaches the right people at the right time.

First impressions are also very important in politics – we ensure that your first impression is both professional and targeted.

Are Facebook™ ads really effective?

Simply put Facebook dominates web traffic. It has become the single largest ad network in the world and makes pinpoint targeting easy - if you know what you are doing.

So yes, Facebook ads are very effective and should be a part of every political campaign.

With Facebook ads you can very easily measure your results and tailor your message on the fly - something that you simply cannot do with traditional media.

How much does each of your services cost?

Our starter pack starts at just $1950. For this price you get professional branding, a one page website, a postcard sized lit piece (design only but we can handle the printing), social network setup (with graphics) and lawn sign design.

There are many add-ons that you can use to really propel your campaign forward. These are all priced based on your exact needs.

What about confidentiality?

Because everything that we work on is meant for public consumption confidentiality isn't really a concern. We do however ensure that if we are made privy to any sensitive information about your campaign that we won't share it.

There is also the option of hiring us exclusively for your area preventing us from working with any of your competitors.

Should we be running video ads?

Video ads have become the Juggernaut of digital marketing. Even if a live action video is out of your budget you should be at minimum be building video ads build from still images.

Video ads stop supporters in their tracks helping you ID potential voters based on video views. Video ads are a very important element of our digital campaigns.

Is email marketing still and effective tool?

Absolutely YES! You should be collecting emails as often as you can - at every door, on every phone call and at every event. If you ID a supporter GET THEIR EMAIL! This email address can then be used later to send updates and GOTV directly to their inbox.

Email is still the king of the castle - use it relentlessly.

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