Political Campaign Marketing has changed – no longer can you simply rely on traditional methods to spread your message. CampaignFuel will help Accelerate Your Message by using a combination of traditional and advanced digital marketing techniques.


Accelerate Your Campaign
with Professional Creative Marketing Programs


What Can We Do for You?

The Simple answer to this question is, well...what do you need? CampaignFuel is truly the only call you need to make for your campaign marketing needs. Maybe you just need a few graphics designed for your social networks, a lit piece to serve your canvassing needs or some lawn signs ordered - or - maybe you need a full branding package, custom website, print materials, videos, content creation, signs, social media plan, email marketing and a highly targeted digital marketing campaign. We can do all this for you and more. CampaignFuel is not an off-the-shelf service provider. The marketing landscaping is constantly changing...and we are along for the ride. We would love to discuss your unique needs for your campaign so reach out so we can chat.

Off-the-Shelf Solution.

Ya, we know we just said that we aren't an off-the-shelf solution but sometimes you need a good strong foundation to start from. Our Starter Pack gives you everything you need to run a straight-forward campaign. You can very easily add on to the Starter Pack to create a customized program to suite your exact needs. The Starter Pack is comprised of elements that we feel are necessities for every campaign.


Included in the Starter Pack: Branding (Colours, Logo, Slogan), Single Page Template-Based Website (Bio, Platform Points, Contact Form, Links to Social Networks), Postcard Lit Piece Design, Social Network Setup With Cover Photos (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Lawn Sign Design.


We can also accommodate the printing and delivery of your Lit Piece and Lawn Signs. We will have a pricing table available for this soon.

How it Works

The first thing to do is to reach out so that we can discuss your campaign and together determine what your challenges are going to be and what will be required to overcome them. Our recommendation is to begin with the Starter Pack and then tailor your package to your campaign's exact needs.

CampaignFuel will work closely with you throughout your campaign to ensure that your message is getting out to the voters that you need to reach. We will work to a time-line that was developed early on to ensure that we move through the different phases of the campaign at the appropriate times.

Ready to accelerate your message?

Reach out and let's have a chat. We will get right to work on your starter pack after discussing how we can add some fuel to your campaign.




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